GDPR & Your Recruitment Process

Is your recruitment process GDPR ready?

Before you know it the 1998 Data Protection Law will have been replaced by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which means that as of 26th May 2018 you will need to process any data in accordance with this new law. The effect of this will impact each business differently, and the way you get applications for your jobs will be a small part of the overall impact that GDPR will have on a business.

Now whilst receiving applications by email or via your website is lawful, the way you store the personal information, deal with gaining an individual’s consent and then remove all traces of this personal information are the areas that you will need to consider.

If you do not have a person’s consent then you must remove all traces of their personal information at the end of processing this information. That means the email attachment, CV, contact form or application form that it came on and the file on your computer if you have saved it. Additionally, you should consider clearing the temp files on your PC as there will be a trace there and also clear your deleted items. If you have shared the application with anyone in the business, then you will need to ensure that they have done this too. It’s best practice to clear the temp files and deleted items in case of a security breach to the PC.

On the other hand, our applicant tracking system will deal with this all for you. From the moment someone applies for a job through our system the individual’s data is stored in line with the consent that they provide and then removed appropriately. The system will automatically remove the individual’s personal information at the relevant time point or allow the individual to remove their consent and details in their own time. Either way our ATS ensures that your business and recruitment process complies with the GDPR legislation.

And don’t forget that the system will streamline your recruiting, from effortlessly broadcasting your job to allowing interviews to be booked online. Just take a look at the features that our Applicant Tracking System has.